CAM / Auto-Cut System

Introduction to new control software 4WB V2.0 (Jan. 2018 release)


Other than Japanese and English, Chinese and Korean
display is now also available.
By editing the language table, we can put in up to 6
different languages.
The multi-lingual display can help shorten the time needed
for customers to learn the machine operation.
It can also help reduce the chance of operation mistake.

Common Line Deletion(Prevents double cutting),Near Lines cutting
Detection of near lines and overlapping common lines between nearby pieces.
Prevents double cutting, and allows automatic deceleration to avoid damage to adjacent pieces.
Helps shorten the cutting time, and increases the cutting quality and material usage.

Various Parameters
Specific parameters can be set to meet the demand for cutting various kinds of materials.
Optimum cutting setting in accordance to the material
i.e.: Hard car-seat, Knit、industrial use fabrics

Improved acceleration/deceleration,cutting speed
Cutting parameters such as acceleration / deceleration and cutting speed of cutting head can be set with different values for corner, boring etc. Improves cutting accuracy, and reduces cutting time.

Fabric Press (Option)
Mechanism to help hold down the fabrics while moving from
the spreading table onto the cutter.
Prevents fabric slipping, and reduce the manpower needed
to hold down the fabric.

Technocut (Auto cutter CAM) leaflet



  • Drastically upgraded cutting precision for V-notch/Corner/Inner-line cut/Others.
  • Greatly boosted Energy saving (Electricity/Air-compression), Low noise, .Productivity.
  • High flexibility with customizing service of Cut width, Length, Others devices & Software
    for your typical requirement and right solution for your application.
  • Wide variety of optional tools (Multiple drill, Knife cooler, others…)
  • Low cost for maintenance.

<< For Apparel >>

Cotton/Polyester/Salen/Leather/Knit/Wet suit material/Non-woven fabric/Others

<< For Car Seat >>

— Automotive related
Urethane/Elastic material (Stretch)/Leather/Vinyl/Non-woven fabric/Others

— Aircraft related
Glass fiber/Carbon fiber/Ceramic


New Cutting Head 4WB Traditional Cutting Head 4WB-T



  • Blade Width Measure
  • Multiple drill system
  • Barcode reader
  • Traverse system
  • Heater drill marking
  • Knife cooler
  • Punch waste cleaner
  • Three color signal lights
  • Cut data editing software
Knife Cooler

Extremely effective to prevent the fabric from fusing by frictional heat on knife Efficient for especially waterproof, clothes, swimming wear, nylon fabric, PVC, etc

Multiple drilling system

Auto rotating control of maximum
6 drills for various hole diameters
Selectable number of drills :
1, 2, 3, 4, or 6

Punch Waste Cleaner

Prevents the punch waste from falling onto the material and embedding into the bristle surface.
Extends bristle life, decreases material changeover by reducing clean up and ensures accurate cutting.

Techno Cut Specification

Specification TC50 TC70 Notes
Feature Name & Model Multiply Auto Cutter TC-4WB / TC-4WB-T
Cutting Width 1600/1800/2000/2200 mm
Cutting Length 2000/2400 mm Other length is negotiable
Cutting Height 50 mm 70 mm
Cutting Suitable Material Apparel cloth, Car sheet, Industrial material, Non-woven
Method Knife reciprocation
Knives Width 6 – 8 mm
with automatic sharpening system
Cutting Speed Max 40m/Min
Drill 1drill, 2 drills, 3 drills, 4 drills, 6 drills Drill diameter : 1.6mm – 24 mm
Machine Knife Head Speed X/Y a xis Max 40m/min
Conveyor Speed 15m/min
( 8m/min during advancing )
Cutting conveyor Nylon bristles 100mm*100mm
Vacuum Vacuum box by blower motor with inverter
System Operation PC Industrial PC
Data Import CAD/LAN connection / Cutting schedule software Can reserve the cut order & parameter
in advance
Languages English / Japanese
Power AC200V (3 phases)
Others Compressed Air 0.6MPa
Standard Color Main body : White(KY-875) Head cover : White(KY-875) Other colors are negotiable
Machine Weight 2500 kg ( 1600×2000 ) ~
3200 kg ( 2000×2400 )
Options Automatic knife width measure & compensation system, Knife cooler, Punch waste cleaner, travelling system, etc

* Please ask us for more detailed specification

TC50/70 Machine Size

Width Length WA WB LA LB LC
1600 2000 2445 2170 5250 3160 2090
1800 2000 2645 2370  5250 3160 2090
2000 2000 2845 2570  5250 3160 2090
2200 2000 3045 2770  5250 3160 2090
1600 2400 2445 2170  6050 3560 2490
1800 2400 2645 2370  6050 3560 2490
2000 2400 2845 2570  6050 3560 2490


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